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Wild Raccoon Behaviour in Rural Areas

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raccoonRaccoon are native medium sized mammals measuring 3 feet long, bushy and has a black and yellowish white ringed tail. Its body weighs between 3.5 to 9 kilograms they have a hunched like appearance when they move since their front legs are usually longer that their hind legs. They have a grayish coat, which has under fur that insulates it against the cold. Raccoons have adapted to live anywhere from the wild to urban areas Owing to hunting, their population in the urban areas can get large. In rural areas, their population is found between one and foursquare kilometers. They eat anything edible from vegetable to flesh Food and habitat . For more information you can visit the specialist site at Brampton raccoon removal services.

Raccoons are nocturnal hence they begin their search for food after sunset and they will continue until when morning approaches. Raccoons love food from the corn but they are also huge fans of corn, fruits, and nuts. Insects and vertebrates are its food for spring while in summer they prefer feeding on sweet potatoes. sweet corn, and melons. They also enjoy feeding on fruits. They are also usually seen hunting frogs turtles and other small animals. During fall, corn becomes their main source of food. In rural areas where corn is grown, they form colonies for the purpose of food security. They will also go for fruits that have fallen down from the trees. For instance, they love cherries and grapes. Their thick fur offers them security against bees sting as they consume their honey and plant saps. In rural areas, wild raccoons prefer hollow trees and logs as their homes.


Raccoons do not have a hibernation phase. However, they reduce their activities during winter. Just like other animals, they accumulate calories in the form of fats in their body. When winter approaches the progressively reduce their activity while they consume the reserved fat for their body activity Raiding

Wild raccoon behavior in rural areas is nothing compared to that in urban areas. In rural areas, raccoons turn out to be a nightmare to domestic egg laying animals. There are reports of how raccoons attack the egg laying animals and a times how they steal the eggs. This is one of the reason raccoons are huge enemies of rural dwellers.


Raccoons breed mostly between January and March. Male raccoons are territorial dominant hence they mate with more than one mother. The female raccoon is bestowed the responsibility of taking care of the young one. A female raccoon is expected to give birth to 1 -8 cubs each ear. The cubs take an average of 6 to 9 weeks before they start exploring the world. During this time, they will have learnt how to eat the normal raccoon foods. Raccoon cubs stop weaning by the 16th week Natural instinct

Raccoons are nocturnal but they will still be seen during the day hunting for food. Male raccoons will always be seen in groups except during mating.

Human-raccoon conflict

As urbanization expands in and around Toronto, more residents experience problems with raccoons. The city is expanding in all directions and raccoons and other critters are losing their natural habitat. As the city expands eastward more and more people are dealing with raccoons in their attics, dens and soffits. For example the eastward expansion of Toronto has caused many problems. Oshawa, Pickering and Ajax are a few areas with significant raccoon problems. There are raccoon removal professionals that offer removal and proofing solutions. But there are things you can do as well.

Raccoons and humans have conflicts repeatedly. Raccoons are animals and like humans, they have their needs. Some of their basic needs are water, food, and shelter. Raccoons in rural areas have a home range between 1 and 4 km square. A home range is the area an animal uses for water, food, and shelter in its normal day’s movements. Raccoons go into human homes especially in places where they grow corns and fruits and rear domestic fowls like chicken. They steal their eggs, animals and destroy properties like garbage Remedy

  • Do not feed raccoons
  • Keep pets indoors at night
  • Prevent raccoons from entering pet doors
  • Put food in secure compost and clean up the food remnants Keep the garbage close all the time
  • Construct secure roost for the domestic fowl

What To Expect from Professional Raccoon Removal Service

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Raccoon RemovalRaccoon problems can be extremely difficult to deal with especially when you live in densely populated areas. This is because the environment is perfect for breeding owing to the availability of food. Raccoons damage residential areas in points such as chimneys, garages and under sheds by digging into them. It is important to control them before they damage your home.

Raccoons are intelligent animals with the ability to even open garbage containers and feed. Removing them where natural predators are few becomes even harder. You need to engage a professional raccoon removal service company.

First sand foremost, it is important to understand the life of a raccoon. Professional raccoon removal companies have information on how best to handle them. They have specialized equipment of trapping and controlling them. More importantly is to control the breeding of the raccoons which are known to be very prolific.

Raccoon removal experts have the right personnel and equipment to help deal with raccoons. They have a team of technicians who trap and remove raccoon in a humane manner. This ensures they do not come into conflict with wildlife laws within the locality.

Professional raccoon removal Service Company understands the ecology of the animals and is thus able to design appropriate control measures. Moreover, the companies can clear the raccoons very fast before further damage is done. Besides, it is done at competitive prices which make it appropriate for budget conscious individuals. Equally, removing raccoons prevent further damage to your home and thus save a great deal of cost.

Professional raccoon removal services are important to deal with the menace of raccoons. The companies help businesses and individuals deal with the problem of raccoons. In addition, they provide professionals advice on how to handle the raccoons. This is why you need to look for a reputable raccoon removal company.

What Attracts Raccoons to Your House

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RaccoonRaccoons are small to medium sized mammals that look similar to a bear. They are nocturnal and that makes them active at night, since they sleep during the daytime. The raccoon is a common animal in North America, but they can be found in parts of Japan and in various areas of Europe. Raccoons in length can vary from sixty to seventy five centimetres from the tail to the end of their nose. If you have a raccoon problem then you are probably wondering what attracts raccoons to my house. Here are a few examples as to why you could be attracting raccoons to your house. First of all raccoons like to go through trash cans, so it is important to check the material.

You should stick to metal and hard plastic. Be sure that you have a tight fitting lid to go over those garbage cans and if none of the lids fit then you need to make certain that you have a few straps to keep the lid on. Sometimes it is helpful to strap a few of your trash cans to something or if possible use a kennel to cover your trash cans if raccoons are a major problem. Porches are another common place that raccoons like to travel or flock to. so it is recommended that you place a heavy fence or other wire based material around the area.

Raccoons also enjoy dead trees and logs so try to keep your yard free of these things. It’s not uncommon to find raccoons in or around chimneys or other openings in your house. You also need to patch these up really good if you are serious about wanting to keep raccoons away for good. Try to avoid leaving sweet smelling foods by the window since they love sweet food.

How To Remove Raccoons From Your Attic

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Raccoons will choose a place where it is safe from predators, near to garbage or food, the attic offers all this. Raccoons are nocturnal so you will hear them at night scratching, growling, chirping, scurrying around and more worse, crying. They typically make you sleepless the whole night. If not removed raccoons can be downright disastrous, they can damage the attic insulation, chewing wires leaving them naked which is dangerous, damage to the roof or even tear a wallpaper just to make a bedding. We asked a raccoon removal Markham professionals expert for advice on how to deal with raccoons. Here are the tips: Read more

Raccoons In Toronto

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Raccoons are very common in our area in Toronto. We live near a big park with a small river. So the raccoon population tends to make its way through the small forested area to homes in our neighborhood to find food and shelter. Raccoons often make their way to residential areas where they can cause problems to people. Aside from being famous of causing a mess, they can also be dangerous. Raccoons can carry rabies and should be avoided. If you have a raccoon problem you should get animal control.

We have shared our raccoon story with our neighbors and have found out that we are not the only ones who have had their living space invaded by raccoon families. There have been many instances where raccoon families literally move in.

I don’t mind the animals but we have young children and as a result I am concerned because raccoons are carriers of rabies. Also, aside from rabies they carry all kinds of germs and bacteria.

Anyhow, so our neighbors also preferred having a professional do the removal instead of themselves. They got animal control solutions. I asked them and they said they were happy with the service and the price. At the end the of the day it might be best to hire a professional than do it yourself as you might not want to be dealing with the dangers associated with raccoon removal.

Baby Raccoons Are Cute

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cute-baby-raccoonsHave you seen a picture of a baby raccoon? Well here is one. These animals are really cute. Raccoons are born with their eyes closed which open up after a few weeks. The average weight for a baby raccoon is under 100 grams. Baby raccoons do not have teeth. Teeth will come out at about three weeks. They can grow really fast. And their mothers can be very protective. Your best bet is to get the family removed as soon as you can. There are many raccoon removal Guelph professionals that will do the job properly without hurting the animals. Read more

Observing The Raccoon

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It is difficult to trap raccoons as they are very intelligent. Studies have shown that raccoons are even more intelligent than cats. Some people have had success with training raccoons. The animals also have a temper especially when reaching and passing the age of 1. This temper can be dangerous for humans. Even though the raccoon itself will not cause a lot of pain it the diseases they carry that can cause problems. Rabies can be dangerous. So if you find raccoons on your property then it is best to have them removed. You can read some other amazing fact about raccoons here. Read more

Raccoons at Night-The Dark Raiders

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All raccoons are most active during the evening hours as that is the time when they wonder out of their burrows to feed. On most evenings they will leave their den as soon the sun sets and will continue to be active until the morning hours. In the wild raccoons are common in and around wetland areas, where they search for small aquatic animals like crayfish and freshwater mussels in the shallow water. Read more

A Few Words on Raccoons

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Raccoons are very adaptive creatures and as a result they live in urban centres all over North America. They do remarkably well in cities as well as in the wild. They are considered to be one of the most common urban wild animals. Raccoons survive so well in cities because they can pretty much feed on many things and can live in many different habitats. People consider them as nuances and often call for raccoon removal. Nevertheless, they are cute and cuddly creatures. We asked raccoon removal experts from raccooncontrol.ca for some more information.

Read more

Having A Raccoon Free Home-How to Capture and Remove a Raccoon

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Raccoons are known to damage homes and personal property. Their very keen survival instincts usually bring them close to where there is food and warmth, in other words, closer to our homes. If you live in a city like Toronto for example, and you live in a house then chances are that you have had an encounter with a raccoon or have been disturbed by one at night. There are some risks associated with living in a raccoon city like Toronto and you will have to take certain precautions to make sure that you are not leaving your home and property unprotected by raccoons. Also, it is a matter of being in the position to be able to sleep through a night without being woken up by raccoons looking for food and entry points in your home. If you cant do it yourself, maybe getting some humane wildlife removal would not hurt. Read more

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