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A Few Words on Raccoons

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Raccoons are very adaptive creatures and as a result they live in urban centres all over North America. They do remarkably well in cities as well as in the wild. They are considered to be one of the most common urban wild animals. Raccoons survive so well in cities because they can pretty much feed on many things and can live in many different habitats. People consider them as nuances and often call for raccoon removal. Nevertheless, they are cute and cuddly creatures. We asked raccoon removal experts from raccooncontrol.ca for some more information.

Chances are that you have seen a raccoon if you live in a city in the United States or Canada. They are familiar to most of us and are a mammal that is very easy to identify. Their color is gray and they have a distinguished bushy tail with black and gray rings. Another characteristic of the raccoon are the markings they have on their face that resemble a black mask.

They live in cities and they can feed on pretty much anything. They are attracted by food smell in garbage cans or dumpsters. They are very good climbers so they can easily enter or even open lids of any enclosed areas. Raccoons are omnivorous and very opportunistic. In the wild, they feed on a variety of plant and animal matter including berries, fruits, seeds, and insects, as well as other invertebrates and small vertebrates. They have adapted to the urban environment and have survived so well as they are very smart. They are some of the smartest mammals found in North America and the world. They are endearing creatures and can seem very innocent as they and their family shuffle across the road.

In cities, they are considered pests and nuisances as they can cause damage to property. Aside from disturbing people sleeping at night with their antics they often find shelter in attics, basements of homes of wherever they can find some warmth. In cities, there are professionals who specialize in raccoon removal and apprehension. In order to find someone you will need to search your local businesses directory. For example, if you live in Toronto you should search for Toronto raccoon removal.


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