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Baby Raccoons Are Cute

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cute-baby-raccoonsHave you seen a picture of a baby raccoon? Well here is one. These animals are really cute. Raccoons are born with their eyes closed which open up after a few weeks. The average weight for a baby raccoon is under 100 grams. Baby raccoons do not have teeth. Teeth will come out at about three weeks. They can grow really fast. And their mothers can be very protective. Your best bet is to get the family removed as soon as you can. There are many raccoon removal Guelph professionals that will do the job properly without hurting the animals.

In most cases raccoons are nocturnal meaning that they will go out to find food during the night. In some cases raccoons will make their appearance during the day. In the cities raccoons have nests in parks and in homes and that is where they will give birth.

A few years ago I had a few raccoons living in my attic. As it turned out it was a family of raccoons as we noticed the mother with 6 little ones walking around. To get the raccoons out and unharmed we called a human raccoon removal Toronto technician to do the job.

We wanted to find someone who respects the animals. Also, by doing some research online we found out that if the mother is killed the babies would not survive. We really didn’t want that to happen. By calling a humane raccoon removal expert, we were assured that the animals, the entire family would be taken to the humane society.

Raccoons are generally afraid of people, but that does not mean they will overlook an invitation to sneak into your attic, basement or walk into your garage or home. We found out the hard way of course, because for a few months we didn’t get any sleep. If you want to get rid of raccoons you should contact a wildlife removal expert to do the job for you.


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