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What Attracts Raccoons to Your House

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RaccoonRaccoons are small to medium sized mammals that look similar to a bear. They are nocturnal and that makes them active at night, since they sleep during the daytime. The raccoon is a common animal in North America, but they can be found in parts of Japan and in various areas of Europe. Raccoons in length can vary from sixty to seventy five centimetres from the tail to the end of their nose. If you have a raccoon problem then you are probably wondering what attracts raccoons to my house. Here are a few examples as to why you could be attracting raccoons to your house. First of all raccoons like to go through trash cans, so it is important to check the material.

You should stick to metal and hard plastic. Be sure that you have a tight fitting lid to go over those garbage cans and if none of the lids fit then you need to make certain that you have a few straps to keep the lid on. Sometimes it is helpful to strap a few of your trash cans to something or if possible use a kennel to cover your trash cans if raccoons are a major problem. Porches are another common place that raccoons like to travel or flock to. so it is recommended that you place a heavy fence or other wire based material around the area.

Raccoons also enjoy dead trees and logs so try to keep your yard free of these things. It’s not uncommon to find raccoons in or around chimneys or other openings in your house. You also need to patch these up really good if you are serious about wanting to keep raccoons away for good. Try to avoid leaving sweet smelling foods by the window since they love sweet food.


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