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Observing The Raccoon

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It is difficult to trap raccoons as they are very intelligent. Studies have shown that raccoons are even more intelligent than cats. Some people have had success with training raccoons. The animals also have a temper especially when reaching and passing the age of 1. This temper can be dangerous for humans. Even though the raccoon itself will not cause a lot of pain it the diseases they carry that can cause problems. Rabies can be dangerous. So if you find raccoons on your property then it is best to have them removed. You can read some other amazing fact about raccoons here.

Some people find watching and observing raccoons interesting because their gestures and sometimes actions remind us of ourselves. They walk footed just like we do, and they use their front paws like hands in the same manner humans do. Watching raccoons is pretty funny sometimes. Have you ever observed a group of raccoons breaking into a dumpster?

Raccoons in general are opportunists, commonly eating whatever is available. In the wild, their diet primarily constitutes crayfish, mussels, clams, frogs, salamanders, earthworms, fruits, nuts, grains, carrion, eggs, and any available warm blooded small mammals or birds. In cities, the above items are included in their diet, but when not available they will eat pretty much any left over food item possible.

Raccoons can easily be identified by the distinctive pattern of alternating black and gray-white rings around a large, bushy tail. Also raccoons have a unique black mark on their face that resembles a black face mask. The mask has two white patches above the eyes. In terms of length some can be pretty long, up to 3 feet in length. The average age for a raccoon is about 10 to 13 years.

Keep in mind that raccoon populations are impacted by viruses such as rabies. That is the reason why you should never approach a raccoon. If you have a raccoon problem you should consider contacting a professional raccoon removal expert.


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