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How To Remove Raccoons From Your Attic

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Raccoons will choose a place where it is safe from predators, near to garbage or food, the attic offers all this. Raccoons are nocturnal so you will hear them at night scratching, growling, chirping, scurrying around and more worse, crying. They typically make you sleepless the whole night. If not removed raccoons can be downright disastrous, they can damage the attic insulation, chewing wires leaving them naked which is dangerous, damage to the roof or even tear a wallpaper just to make a bedding. We asked a raccoon removal Markham professionals expert for advice on how to deal with raccoons. Here are the tips:

Tip 1

Use repellents to drive the raccoons from hiding. According to study a disagreeable smell such as from a predator urine will drive the raccoons out without harming them. You can purchase the repellents anywhere in stores or even online just make sure they are genuine you do not want it to work the opposite way.

Tip 2

Illuminate the attic by use floodlights. Since the raccoons are nocturnal, they like darkness so they will not have a choice but just leave.

Tip 3

This may sound funny, but it also works. Use a radio. Get a radio installed in the attic and set to a channel that has talk shows most of the time. The raccoons will think that it is the humans and will tend to avoid the area. You should try it.

Tip 4

Use raccoon traps, they are specifically designed to trap raccoons. Place several traps in the attic if have many. Have a bait in the trap and leave the trap to do the rest.

Tip 5

Soak several rags in ammonia and hang them in the attic. Due to the smell of ammonia, raccoons will be driven out, they can not just stand it.

Tip 6

Hire a professional meaning from the pest control department. They are proficient at what they do and can get the job done quickly.


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