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Having A Raccoon Free Home-How to Capture and Remove a Raccoon

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Raccoons are known to damage homes and personal property. Their very keen survival instincts usually bring them close to where there is food and warmth, in other words, closer to our homes. If you live in a city like Toronto for example, and you live in a house then chances are that you have had an encounter with a raccoon or have been disturbed by one at night. There are some risks associated with living in a raccoon city like Toronto and you will have to take certain precautions to make sure that you are not leaving your home and property unprotected by raccoons. Also, it is a matter of being in the position to be able to sleep through a night without being woken up by raccoons looking for food and entry points in your home. If you cant do it yourself, maybe getting some humane wildlife removal would not hurt.

Animal control specialist suggest that you find ways to “raccoon-proof” your home. In other words, to limit, or eliminate the possibility of having raccoons damage your home. The first step is to make sure you close all entry points to your home. Cracks, holes, or open windows need to sealed off so that no animal can come in. You should also do the same thing with holes or entry points you might have in your roof.

An raccoon removal expert can do this work for you. If you have a raccoon problem the animal control technician will show up to your home with traps. These traps don’t hurt the animal, rather they capture it live so the technician can take it someplace else and set it free. To capture a raccoon you would need a live traps of at least 10 by 12 by 32 inches in size and constructed of sturdy metal can be baited with marshmallows to reduce captures of non-target species such as skunks or the neighbours cat.

There are many ways to capture a raccoon, but we suggest that you leave the job to the professionals as they know how to do it properly without harming the animal. In other words, if you have a raccoon problem you should consider hiring a raccoon removal expert.


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