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Raccoons at Night-The Dark Raiders

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All raccoons are most active during the evening hours as that is the time when they wonder out of their burrows to feed. On most evenings they will leave their den as soon the sun sets and will continue to be active until the morning hours. In the wild raccoons are common in and around wetland areas, where they search for small aquatic animals like crayfish and freshwater mussels in the shallow water.

They will also dig out small roots and insects for feeding. They will do that with their sensitive and agile front paws which they will also use to climb. , often while gazing off in another direction. Raccoons are not normally considered to be dangerous, however. Some have become accustomed to the presence of humans.

Raccoons travel great distances to find food. They are very clever. In urban environments for example, their population will slowly adjusts depending on how much food they find in an area. It is not advised that you keep one as a pet. They are wild animals. Besides, they are protected by law so in some states you won’t even be able to keep one as a pet as the law forbids it.

Raccoons are difficult to trap and that is why people with raccoon problems hire animal control technicians with experience so they can trap the raccoons. Most trappers use large cage traps with different kinds of bait. Traps placed with their open ends against a raccoon-proof fence at a 45 degree angle to the fence often trap raccoons that are being persistent in trying to find a way under, over or through a fence. One of the places in Toronto with the most raccoon problems is Mississauga. That is where I live. I know that many of my neighbors have contacted an animal control company and were satisfied with the results.


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