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Raccoons In Toronto

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Raccoons are very common in our area in Toronto. We live near a big park with a small river. So the raccoon population tends to make its way through the small forested area to homes in our neighborhood to find food and shelter. Raccoons often make their way to residential areas where they can cause problems to people. Aside from being famous of causing a mess, they can also be dangerous. Raccoons can carry rabies and should be avoided. If you have a raccoon problem you should get animal control.

We have shared our raccoon story with our neighbors and have found out that we are not the only ones who have had their living space invaded by raccoon families. There have been many instances where raccoon families literally move in.

I don’t mind the animals but we have young children and as a result I am concerned because raccoons are carriers of rabies. Also, aside from rabies they carry all kinds of germs and bacteria.

Anyhow, so our neighbors also preferred having a professional do the removal instead of themselves. They got animal control solutions. I asked them and they said they were happy with the service and the price. At the end the of the day it might be best to hire a professional than do it yourself as you might not want to be dealing with the dangers associated with raccoon removal.


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