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Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

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Raccoons are about three feet long, including their bushy, ringed tail. Their weight ranges from 10 to 30 pounds, but grow up to 60 pounds. Raccoons are usually nonaggressive unless threatened or cornered. Not all cause problems, so attempts for raccoon control should be made to remove only rogue or troublesome animals. In most cases raccoons are not aggressive. They are easy going animals. However, if a raccoon feels threatened it will definitely defend itself.

Raccoons can excrete high numbers of roundworm eggs through their feces. The eggs are light and can become airborne, potentially leading to infections resulting from inhalation. Raccoons can get roundworms, and if a human were to accidentally ingest a roundworm it could get into their body and damage different organs. They can carry different kinds of bacteria that are harmful for humans. Raccoons can also cause serious scratch and bite injuries to people and pets and these bites can be lethal.

The problem is raccoons can be dangerous since they are carriers of the rabies virus. If you are bitten by a raccoon you should immediately see a physician so that you can get tested and treated for rabies.

Rabies is a deadly virus that 70% of north American raccoons carry. If not treated properly and promptly and it spreads to the central nervous system it is untreatable and deadly. A bite on the face or neck will cause death much faster than one on the arm or leg.

Raccoons are very cute but don’t attempt to get close to one. They can get vicious if approached and when they feel threatened. Don’t get fooled by their relatively small size as they can be quite strong. They are by nature curious so if you get approached by one then you should keep your distance. They are very smart and this combined with their curiosity is what helps them survive in the wild. Squirrels are also good survivors.


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