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Our Experience with Animal Control

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So, I just wanted to mention a few things about our conversation with the animal control technician. First of all, I just want to say that if you call the city of Toronto they will not come to remove the raccoon unless it is on city property. So we called an wildlife technician who we paid to do the job for us.

After he removed the family he came back to seal all entry points so we wont have to deal with anything like this in the future. He confirmed what he had said about our raccoon prone neighborhood.

Also, he told us a few things about how raccoons can enter a house. Firs, they will be attracted by the smell of garbage. That is why you need to keep your garbage in a sealed can so you don’t get singled out by them when they feed.

You will also need to seal all entry points to your house. Make sure your garage is tight, and all windows to basements and attics are sealed. Also, and we didn’t know this until the raccoon removal person told us, you should make sure your chimney is sealed with nets. Raccoons are excellent climbers and they will climb to the roof and enter through your chimney.

Why you don’t want raccoons living in your house? Well they can really make a mess to your insulation. Then there are other health risks such as ticks, fleas. Things that attract raccoons are of course smelly garbage. Also, a friend told me that they have raccoons invade their small summer fish pond because they think the animals are attracted to the goldfish in there. I will have to get animal control.


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